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The Changeup 10/23: Buehler's Day On, Dodgers Take WS Game 3

LAD beats TB 6-2, LAD Leads World Series 2-1

The Dodgers were the favored winner for this game. Money line: -145 Dodgers, +135 Rays. 

Choi Saves the Infield. For the first out of the game, Ice Bear (Ji-Man Choi) stretches out to a full splits and saves a throw from SS Adames. On another few throws, Ice Bear got pulled off the bag and had to spin around to tag the runner. These were all stellar plays. 

Got My Tight Pants On. LAD Starter Buehler wears some of the tightest pants I’ve ever seen. He went 6 complete, giving up only 3 hits and 1 run. The tight pants are working for him, I wouldn’t change a thing. 

FOX In Game Interviews. FOX likes to interview the coaches and players from both teams during the game. This always makes me very nervous. It’s like when the host of Chopped tries to interview the chefs while they are busy cooking. The interview really doesn’t provide the audience much information we didn’t already know, but seems to distract the contestants from the goal at hand. Nevertheless, Blake Snell had a nice quote today in his FOX interview. He said, “It’s impossible not to have fun in the World Series”.

Come Again, Blue? The home plate umpire Bill Miller was very audible today because FOX installed mics close to the plate. The whole game, we could hear him make audible calls, “yes he did”, “no he didn’t”, “that’s outside”, “that ball’s up”, etc. To me, one of the beauties of the rules of baseball is that we don’t actually need to hear the Blue talk. He conveys everything he needs just by simple, standardized gestures. He’s basically a mime out there. However, it is very interesting to hear the sounds of the game now and again. 

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