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The Changeup 10/27: Rays Victory So Close They Could Snell It + Turner Ignores COVID-19 Protocols

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Game 6: Dodgers Beat Rays 3-1, Dodgers Win World Series

Rays Skipper Kevin Cash was NOT on the money. Game 6 must have been so painful for Rays fans. I’m not a Rays fan, but I’ve been rooting for them since their Division Series. Game 6 was the definition of a tough loss. 

Here’s what happened:

Rays Starter Blake Snell was pitching a 2-hit shutout and was only at 73 pitches when Kevin Cash pulled him (Top 6 with 1 out). Blake was visibly upset at being taken out of the game. He had struck out the side in both the 1st and the 4th inning and put up 9 K’s in total that day. He was absolutely stellar. If he stayed in the game, I think he would have pitched a complete game shutout, or at least 8 scoreless innings. 

After Snell got pulled out, things fell apart for Reliever Nick Anderson. Nick immediately gave up a double to Mookie Betts, then let Barnes score on a wild pitch. Dodgers run #2 was scored on a soft hit ground ball to 1st base that was thrown home immediately for the tag play, but Mookie Betts was just too fast and beat the throw. Dodger Run #3 was scored on a Mookie Betts solo homer in Top 8. The only Rays run was a Randy Arozarena solo opposite field home run in Top 1. 

And that sums up the entire game. It was not very eventful, but was a tearjerker for the Rays. 

Kevin Cash Was Not On the Money

The criticism of Kevin Cash that will continue for years to come is why he decided to pull Starter Blake Snell out so early: 5 ⅓ innings, 0 runs, runner on 1st, 73 pitches. Let’s take a look at when Kevin Cash decided to pull his other Starters this World Series. 

  • Game 1, Pulled Too Late. Tyler Glasnow: 4 ⅓ innings, 4 runs, runners on 1st and 3rd, TB losing 4-1

  • Game 2, Pulled Too Early. Blake Snell: 4 ⅔ innings, 2 runs, runners on 1st and 2nd, TB winning 5-2

  • Game 3, Pulled Too Late. Charlie Morton: 4 ⅓ innings, 5 runs, runner on 1st, TB losing 5-0

  • Game 4, Acceptable. Ryan Yarbrough: 3 ⅓ innings, 2 runs, runner on 2nd, TB losing 2-0

  • Game 5, Pulled Too Late. Tyler Glasnow: 5 innings, 4 runs, 101 pitches, TB losing 4-2

Justin Turner Tested Positive for COVID-19

Dodgers 3B Justin Turner’s COVID-19 test came back positive midgame Game 6 and the Dodgers pulled him from the game. However, after winning the World Series Turner ignored protocols and came back out on to the field to celebrate with his team. Before Justin Turner, MLB players and staff had gone 54 consecutive days without a positive COVID-19 reading. Players were tested every day during the postseason. 

Did Turner really need to celebrate with his team on the field? No. Maybe if he was willing to come out wearing full PPE, that would have been acceptable (and would have made for a good photo for the history books). 

How many new Dodgers and Rays COVID-19 cases will come out of this incident? Because the season is over, neither team is obligated to disclose these details to the public. I hope both teams and their families remain healthy.

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