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The Changeup: Houston Stays Alive, Braves Throw Dodgers Batting Practice, Wed 10/14

AL: HOU beats TB 4-3 (TB Leads Series 3-1)

NL: LAD beats ATL 15-3 (ATL Leads Series 2-1)

Astros beat Rays

Close Games This Series. Today’s game was always within 2 runs: good striking distance. HOU Pressly narrowly made the save with the final score of 4-3 Astros and a runner on 1st. All of the Rays Astros games this Series have been very close. The final run differential for all 4 games has been within 3 runs.

Houston Long Balls. Altuve led off with a 1st inning with a solo homer off a Glasnow 100mph fastball. Altuve said in a postgame interview that he knew any balls he hit correctly against Glasnow would go far because Glasnow throws hard, so Altuve just focused on making contact. In addition, HOU Springer hit a monster 2-run bomb to left field. It landed in the 3rd deck of the apartment building balcony. 

Dodgers beat Braves

10 Runs on 2 Outs. The Dodgers scored 11 runs in the 1st inning during which the Dodgers got through the entire lineup 1.5 times: 14 batters. 10 of those 11 runs were scored when there were already 2 outs. This inning felt like the Dodgers were just taking batting practice thrown by the Braves. Starting Pitcher Wright got knocked out after facing just 9 batters. Atlanta needed to use 4 more pitchers after Wright to close out the game. Ynoa provided the longest relief of 4 innings. It’s honestly less Pitchers from the bullpen than I thought they would require.

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